Myanmarreise von S.E. & D.N.

You made our journey an outstanding and touching experience.

Dear Gabriele and local partner, 

Since some years we are traveling with Umfulana, this time together with local travel agency. At the end of our tour through Myanmar – we are writing from Yangon shortly before flying back – we would like to send you a big thank you: you made our journey an outstanding and touching experience.
You were choosing wonderful hotels (Ngapali we need to exclude since it's a dream;-)) and you booked very charming rooms, which provided us with the daily oasis to relax and digest the adventures. 
The organization of our tour was professional and perfect for us: you carried us smoothly through this beautiful country, taking us „by the hand“ in a wonderful charming way: Great job! Actually unbelievable that everything worked as planned!
What made our tour outstanding for us were the individual and very personal local tour guides. Aung, as a wonderful example, introduced us smoothly to the habits and the thinking of the people of his wonderful country. He brought us to small street restaurants where we could rest and watch, we ambled through narrow markets an spent very flexible all the time we needed, to buy local shampoo for our next shower! He adapted in a wonderful manner to the „speed“ we needed to arrive in Myanmar, he was very sensitive to what we were interested in and adapted to it (only to mention the wonderful view to the lying Buddha, which he proposed us to visit or the Aung San monument in Yangon, which we asked to visit spontaneously). Through his personal stories he was complementing the history around Buddha and the history of Myanmar filling it with life. Several times we had the pleasure to be invited to local houses, either for lunch or for a tea in the afternoon; it were such experiences, which made our tour as individual as could be.
We are happy to see you are making use of local resources wherever possible. All of your local tour guides and drivers present their country and people with passion, emotions and pride. It is our hope and wish, that our journey and the way we travel with your organizations contributes a little bit to the development of this wonderful country and supports the intercultural discourse on both sides.
We are looking back to a wonderful stay in this lovely and delightful Myanmar.
Thank you very much: Umfulana and local partner. 
Best regards,
S.E. & D.N.  

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