Neuseelandreise von Kees Weytmans

Kia ora Brinka & Susanne,

I have 2 compliments to make to you and Umfulana:

What a MOST professional & accurate travel document you have compiled for Angelika and Peter Stroehline. Outstanding! I was absolute blown away by that. Very professional and very extensive.
What an excellent payment system you have. You prompted me for an invoice and once that was provided Umfulana paid within days. Umfulana is the first agency I have worked with who has paid us before the clients actually stayed with us.

We are proud to be associated with Umfulana and we look forward to increased bookings. Angelika and Peter indeed did have an excellent time with us.

Once more, I look forward to do business with you and Umfulana.

Best regards,
Kees Weytmans
Head Gardener & Master Designer
Knapdale Eco Lodge, Gisborne New Zealand

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