Hertz Argentinien – Bedingungen (englisch)

vom 20. August 2013

Driving License

A valid driving license (during the whole rental period) from the country of residence is required together with a valid passport. The license must have been issued by a country that participated in i) the Geneva Convention regarding Road Traffic in 1949; or ii) the convention regarding Interamerican Automotive Transit Regulations in 1943. 
The license must be written in Roman characters. Otherwise, an international driving license is required. An international driving license is valid only in combination with the original driving license from the country of residence. An international driving license is not valid without the original driving license.

Minimum age drivers

21 years

Minimum rental time

24 hours


At pick-up the client needs to present a valid passport, a valid driver’s license and a valid credit card with credit up to at least the amount of the corresponding guarantee.


The following credit cards are accepted: American Express, Mastercard and Visa. As a guarantee for the car rental, the client must leave a signed, blank credit card slip. During the rental period the guarantee amount corresponding to the vehicle category (see below) will be blocked on the client’s credit card.
Guarantees per category (amounts as per 20/08/2013 in ARS)
Category Guarantee Guarantee
when crossing
the border
Guarantee for
in Trelew
Guarantees for
rental in
Iguazu and
B $ 4.000 $ 10.000 $ 9.600 $ 2.200
E $ 4.000 $ 10.000 $ 9.600 $ 2.200
H $ 5.000 $ 10.000 $ 9.600 $ 3.600
G $ 5.000 $ 10.000 $ 9.600 $ 4.800
J $ 25.000 $ 25.000 $ 25.000 $ 7.200
Z $ 25.000 $ 25.000 $ 25.000 $ 7.200
V $ 10.000 $ 10.000 $ 25.000  
W-I-M $ 15.000 $ 15.000 $ 25.000  
L $ 25.000 $ 25.000 $ 25.000  

Included in the price

  • VAT
  • Patent tax (including VAT)
  • Airport surcharge (if applicable)

Not included in the Price

  • Additional driver(s)
  • Additional equipment (e.g. ski-box, snow chains, baby seat, GPS)
  • Pick-up or drop-off which is not at the offices of Hertz (subject to availability)
  • Gasoline (if vehicle is returned with less fuel than vehicle had during pick-up)
  • Border crossing pass (it is possible to take cars to Uruguay, Brazil and/or Chile, but this requires previous notification and an additional charge)
  • Pick-up or drop-off during hours at which the offices of Hertz are closed
  • Drop-off costs, when the car is returned at another location then where it is picked up
  • Return of car after agreed time of return
  • Any extension of the rental period. This has to be cleared by the Hertz office, where the car was picked up

Additional drivers

There is a cost for additional drivers. Such additional drivers should have the minimum required age and should be present at the time of pick-up in order to sign a special document.

Insurance Coverage

All cars have civil liability insurance according to the minimum required by law. The details of the insurance policies are subject to change. The coverage does not apply to cases of bad faith, willful misconduct or gross negligence.

Civil liability and damages of property

Coverage of Civil liability and damages of third parties (persons or objects) with a maximum of ARS 3.000.000,00
Protection against theft / robbery, partly or in total
Included with own risk according to the deductible applicable to the category of the vehicle.

Coverage and deductibles

The price includes insurance against third parties with the stipulated deductibles, which vary by category of the vehicle.

Protection against damages from collision

Is included in the price without deductibles (restrictions may apply, depending on the tariff/category). For car rental with pick-up in Neuquén, Bariloche, El Calafate, Puerto Madryn and Trelew, clients are responsible for any type of damages to windscreens, wheels and tires.
Coverage and deductibles (as of 20/08/2013)
Deductible for theft / robbery
(partial or total) upto
Deductible for overturning
All other locations Comodoro Rivadavia, Trelew,
Rio Grande, Ushuaia
B-E $ 6.000 $ 21.000 $ 33.000
H $ 8.600 $ 36.000 $ 36.000
G $ 8.600 $ 32.000 $ 34.000
I $ 15.000 $ 32.000 $ 42.000
J - Z - L $ 25.000 $ 32.000 $ 42.000
There is a deductible for vehicles of category B for damages from collision of $ 6.000
In case of a tariff without drop-off costs, the following deductibles for damages of any type apply; category E: $ 7.200; category H: $ 10.300.
For damages related to weather or climate, the following deductibles apply:
B-E $ 7200.-
H-G $ 10300.-
J-Z-V-M-I-L $ 18000.-
The above stipulated deductibles apply to: 1) car theft, 2) fire; 3) missing parts; 4) damages to tires and wheels; 5) accidents and collisions that damage the rental vehicle; 6) damages due to weather conditions (e.g. hail); 7) any damage to the rental vehicle.
Excluded from coverage are: 1) damages to the engine; 2) (use of) airbags. Total damages relating to these items are the responsibility of the client.


Hertz has 24 hour assistance for emergencies during travel. The telephone number of this service in Argentina is: 0800-555-0100

Parking tickets and traffic offenses

Parking violations and traffic offenses are the responsibility of the client.

Late arrival

Hertz should be notified by the client, in case the client arrives late (e.g. due to airplane delay). Without such communication, the reservations will be canceled automatically. If the late arrival is expected to be outside of office hours, an additional charge may be applicable and a guarantee needs to be given.
If a pick-up outside of office hours is required, this has to be prepaid without reimbursement in case of cancelation. Pick up outside of office hours requires details of: telephone number of the passenger, credit card details and flight number.

Border crossing

When crossing the border to neighboring countries, the client is responsible for any costs relating to mechanical defects and towing of the cars outside of Argentina. Any permit has to be requested with at least 4 working days anticipation. The fee relating to a border crossing is not refundable.
Rental cars that want to cross from Ushuaia to El Calafate or vice versa require a border crossing permit.

Pick-up / delivery outside of Hertz offices

Subject to availability. These need to be confirmed when making the reservation.